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Support the Prosecution of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Crimes

Understanding the importance of ensuring an efficient access by women to the justice sector institutions and other justice-related services in Colombia, USAID is working to strengthen institutions and organizations responsible for directly dealing with the matter of gender, such as the National Gender Commission (NGC) of the Judicial Branch and its regional committees. It is a priority for the Colombian State and for USAID that governmental institutions expand their access to justice services for women and that current laws in force in the area of gender equality in the country be obeyed. For such purposes, the USAID AJA is already working towards the formation of a network of women lawyers and psychologists (NWA) pursuant to which such professionals will be trained and supported in the accompaniment of female victims of gender violence in the targeted regions. Campaigns to inform citizens, particularly women, of their rights with regard to GBV and sexual violence will be carried out, as will a campaign directed at men to commit them to refrain from committing GBV and sexual violence..