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Strengthening Local Justice Services and Land Restitution Judicial Process

The AJA will support the implementation of reforms to improve the productivity of institutions of the justice sector present in the CZ regions prioritized by the Colombian Government. The strengthening of the administration and efficiency of the courts. Both in the criminal and the land restitution jurisdictions, is an important priority for USAID. For these reasons, in the coming years, USAID will be offering constant support to the Intersectorial Commission for Monitoring the Criminal Justice Accusatory System (CISPA). Furthermore, the AJA, in the company of regional Universities, will be working on facilitating curricular reforms to adapt the knowledge of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) to student contents, hoping to achieve professionals who are better trained in these judicial matters. Component three of AJA, in considering the country’s need to respond to victims with land restitution claims , will design model, first and second instance courts to encourage the efficient and timely processing of land restitution claims. Once the design has been validated by the various instances, it will be implemented in different regions of the country.


Access to Justice Activity supports the strengthening of a system more inclusive, equitable and with more presence and efficiency in the country justice. The first step to advance this objective was to identify the legal needs and barriers to access to justice. This infographic has some of the main barriers identified in the six regions in which the project operates. 

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