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Recognizing the need for justice-related public
policy in the territories, the USAID Access to
Justice Activity 
(AJA) adopted the strategic
objective of advocating for the inclusion of
initiatives to promote justice in the 
Development Plans, on a municipal and regional
level. As a result of this work, the local
of the 35 municipalities incorporated justice-related
actions and strategiesin their 
Development Plans.                                                                                                                                                 





The Local Justice Systems
strengthen (LJS) the presence
effectiveness of state
institutions and the rule of law
in the 
consolidation regions.

They develop their work through 
Local Justice Committees (LJCs),
which define local justice 
for providing comprehensive
assistance and 
access to justice
to urban and rural communities.  

A LJC defines local justice
policies. It is formed by key
who coordinate the
variousjustice systems’ institutional
in accordance with the
municipal context.

The Project has provided support
to 29 LJCs in Colombia.
Of these,
the Project contributed to the
creation of 23 LJCs in the
municipalities in which it is
present, and to the strengthening
of six 
LJCs that were
previously established in the
La Macarena region.                                                                                       






What are Justice Houses?


They are interinstitutional centers
that offer, free of charge, information
about citizens’ rights and how they
can be exercised, legal advice
related to specific everyday problems,
citizen referrals to external entities,
and services related to the conciliation
or judicial resolution of disputes.

The Justice Houses are located in
neighborhoods of large cities or the
urban centers of smaller municipalities,
and they endeavor to bring justice
services to the community.
They also develop campaigns to
offer basic justice services to the
residents of rural areas.

  •  Mobile Justice House Brigades                                                                                                    


The creation of local justice systems
in consolidation zone municipalities
is designed to reestablish the State’s
participation in the resolution of social
and legal conflicts in both urban and 
rural settings.

It brings justice administration services
to those who traditionally have limited
access due to factors such as violence, 
marginalization, extreme poverty and
lack of awareness.

USAID has been supporting the creation
of Local Justice Systems (LJSs), 
a Ministry of Justice and Law initiative,
through the creation and strengthening
of Local Justice Committees (LJCs).
These committees define local justice
policies for providing access to justice
in urban and rural communities, as well
Justice House policies, which provide
services in rural areas through Mobile
Justice Brigades.