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The USAID-funded Access to Justice Activity basic premise is that greater access to justice is a cornerstone of the rule of law, which in turn is a key element for the establishment of a sustainable democracy. This is particularly true in the Colombian consolidation regions, where establishment of the rule of law contributes to building the legitimacy of the state. Consolidation regions were formalized by the GOC and USG in 2009 as part of the National Consolidation Plan, a follow-on to Plan Colombia. Fifteen priority regions throughout the country were identified as key regions to concentrate security and consolidate state presence. The project is working to consolidate prior gains, strengthen institutions, and heighten the focus in these consolidation areas, particularly in the following regions of Colombia:

1. Montes de María

2. Nudo de Paramillo

3. Sur del Tolima

4. Nariño

5. La Macarena, y

6. Sur de Córdoba.